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DataSpace, DataShare 2.0

GA Number: 101135967

Start date: Jan, 1st, 2024

Duration: 36 months


What is DS2 about?

DS2 draws researchers and practitioners from diverse disciplines to secure that complex lifecycles of inter-sector data sharing, aggregation and provenance take place in a human-centric and trusted way, with common structures, exportability and insight, whilst protecting the sovereign rights of data owners and complying with European data regulations.

DS2 provides a modular software infrastructure to connect data sources (Data Spaces/data silos/data lakes) together for the purpose of cross-sector data sharing. Once connected, data consumers and data providers will be able to structure and execute efficient complex data lifecycles that respect the technical and governance related requirements of the participating data sources.

It will do this via an IDT (Intersector DataSpace Toolkit) which is deployed at each data source/space and network connected to any other IDT-enabled data source. The IDT Toolkit is composed of a Broker which manages the fail-safe network operation with no central point of control. Plugged into this is a set of modules for the execution of complex data lifecycles, e.g. filtering, labelling, both automated and catering for where human-in-the loop is required.

DS2 will pilot and evaluate its technology using 3 well-defined, inter-sector use cases, (City Scape, Green Deal, Precision Agriculture). The DS2 solution enhances and accelerates the shift towards the data economy by addressing the challenges, pain-points, and requirements with respect to the execution of complex data lifecycle. Data consumers and data providers can now orchestrate, manage and securely execute complex data lifecycles to realize cross-sectorial data driven applications.


Juha-Pekka Soininen (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)

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